Grow Your Business Online

Starting with a Website that Sells

When your website is done right - everything else is easy peasy!

Enroll in this course, and your next website launch will run more smoothly and deliver better results than you've ever experienced before.

Join award-winning marketer and former college instructor Shanna Kurpe during this free 12-day training course that will teach you how to get the website you need in order to grow your business online!

As a part of this self-paced program, you will learn:

  • 5 Common Misconceptions that Could Ruin Your Website Launch
  • 7 Steps for Identifying & Attracting Your Ideal Customer Type
  • 3 Steps to Create an Online Message that Sells
  • 4 Quick Activities to Learn How to Speak Your Customers' Language
  • 3 Steps for Planning Your Website's Architecture
  • How to Create Conversion Funnels so Visitors Take Action
  • The 6 Elements of an On-Page Strategy that Attracts, Converts & Sells
  • Homepage Techniques that Drive Visitors Down the Path to Conversion
  • 4 Steps to Writing Sub-Page Content that Supports the Conversion Funnel
  • 4 Best Practices for Creating Form Pages that Convert Qualified Leads
  • 10 Proven Techniques to Help Jump Start Your Website Copywriting
  • How to Work With Web Designers and Developers for a Smooth Site Launch
  • A Comprehensive Website Launch Checklist
  • Access to Supporting Videos
  • And so much more!

And it's all yours - Absolutely FREE!

The Video Transcript

Hello there,

My name is Shanna Kurpe, and I want to invite you to a very special 12 day course that will teach you how to grow your business online - starting with a website that sells!

Whether you're the marketing director of a well-established company, the visionary behind a growing startup, a freelance solopreneur or small business owner like me - we all need a website to help grow our business.

But so many of us don't understand what a website is really supposed to do for our business, and as a result we start in the wrong place, we talk to the wrong people, we focus on and value the wrong things, and end up running around in circles as we struggle to finish the job.

Eventually, we end up launching something that we're not proud of - and more importantly, doesn't deliver results!

It's no wonder we all hate web development projects! They're aggravating and so disappointing!

But that's because the majority of us are doing it all wrong!

During the next 12 days, I want to teach you how to do it right:

  • How to avoid common pitfalls.
  • How to prevent false starts.
  • How maximize your resources.
  • And more importantly, how to get the results you're aiming for!

In fact, I'm going to teach you how to create a website that not only attracts visitors, but attracts your ideal customers. A website that leads those customers through a very carefully planned path to action, so you can generate a leads list of people who really want to do business with you. Your website's job will be to fill your sales pipeline so you and your team can close more deals.

Would you like a website that actually works for you?

Well, if you sign up for this course, study all 12 lessons and complete the assignments I give you - then your next website development project will be a huge success!

Regardless of whether you're leading an internal team, partnering with an outside web company or doing it all yourself - the entire process will run more smoothly and deliver better results than you've ever experienced in the past.

So please enroll today - it's absolutely free and you won't regret it!